Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grange Arch, Steeple and Kimmeridge - a hot day!

Walk 22 June 2014

A fantastic day, great views along the first Ridgeway, peering down through Grange Arch to view Creech Grange then walking along to Cocknowle whilst viewing Poole harbour to our left, the valley down to Swanage  and the Isle of Wight straight ahead and Kingston church and Clavell's Tower to our right.

Then we dropped down into the valley bottom to visit the historic Steeple church, with its George Washington connections and unique Barrel Organ.

We then walked along the inner Ridgeway above Kimmeridge Bay before returning to the car via Steeple Leaze Farm.

Only 4.5 miles/7 km but very warm in the sheltered spots and it was nice to get back to the gentle breeze on the Ridgeway before setting off to The Greyhound Inn n Corfe for lunch.