Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A foggy emcounter on Ballard Down!

The fog started to clear relatively early in the morning with the promise of a hot, clear day.

As I arrived at Corfe Castle and turned towards Studland, the ridge wa starting to clear so all looked good.

However, as we set off at about 12:15, following several delayed arrivals due to the ferry and other issues, there was still no sign of the expected views. Unfortunately, it stayed this way as we took the ascent up onto and along Ballard Down, on towards Old Harry Rocks. and back to the Bankes Arms Inn.

Obviously, glimpses of the sea and Old Harry but still a very pleasant walk, a good temperature and good compamy.

As we sat in the ber garden, the fog started to move away and we could see StudlandBay and we could see Ballard Down clearing!

The next walk is Sumday 24 July around Kimmeridge Bay.

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