Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A fantastic late summer!

What a brilliant last few days for everyone to enjoy the Dorset coast and countryside and with it also being half term, it is a great boost for the families.

I did a guided walk on Sunday around Corfe Csatle and the views along the valley and from the Ridgeway were exceptional.

It was pretty warm too - almost tee-shirt weather so everyone had a great time.

However, don't forget that we have had some heavy rain in the recent weeks so it can be still quite muddy in places.

Let's hope the good weather continues for a while yet.

If you fancy having a go at geo-caching or even understanding what it is, please let me know via the web site. It is basically finding your way around to hidden 'treasures' with the use of a GPS. I am looking at setting up some events and I'm sure it will be great fun.